In addition to our very successful outdoor bowling programme we offer an extensive winter programme of Short Mat bowling. Many of our members participate in both outdoor bowling in the summer months, and the Short Mat bowling throughout the winter months. Last season we had more than 60 members participating in Short Mat bowling.
Our Short Mat bowling programme, along with other social activities, including regular Whist nights, enables us to keep the Club open, and most importantly our members together, all year round.
Over the last few years the demand for Short Mat bowling has increased enormously. This season we will hold seven Roll Up sessions per week which means there is a time and day to suit everyone. In addition to the Roll Ups we have a healthy and competitive internal League comprising of eight teams which runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We also run individual Club Competitions such as those run by most outdoor Clubs e.g. Ladies and Mens singles and doubles knockout competitions.
Short Mat bowling enables those who do not wish, or who are unable to bowl outdoors for whatever reason a perfect and inexpensive opportunity to take part in bowls and to this end we offer a “Short Mat” Club Membership.
For anyone who would like to know more about the game and/or to give it a go please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time and day.